Monday, April 26, 2010

InfoPath - Get the current user without writing code

Recently I started working on InfoPath forms in Moss2007. One common item that is needed on each of the forms is the current user. I came accross a method of getting the current user in InfoPath 2007 via the UserProfileService web service. Below is a really good article that provides a step by step example.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Active Directory using SSIS, LDAP, ADHelper.dll and C#.Net

Recently I have been task with a project to get up to date info from Active Directory. My goal was to stay within the scope of SSIS, MOSS, SSRS and SQL. The problem I faced was two very specific fields in LDAP, description and memberof. Since these two fields are arrays you can't use LDAP or SSIS Active Directory Services. I did come across the ADHelper dll that would allow SSIS to return the memberof field. The proplem is that the query is focused on users and not group. In order to get group description I had to write a console app that was kicked off by a SSIS package.

Here is a good article on the basic fields that can be queried using SSIS Active Directory Services.

Here is a good article on the ADHelper.dll that can be referenced in SSIS

I will post the code to query the Group Description infomation.