Thursday, July 19, 2012

WPF DataGridGrouping

For those of you that do not have access to some of the better .Net Grid controls here is a simple overview on the WPFToolKit DataGrid Grouping. For some reason this took me a little longer to figure than I thought it should have.

We have three primary components to make the grouping happen. Style, GroupStyle and ListCollectionView.

First is the Window.Resource or Style:
 This should be placed above the Grid node in your window. This will create the Style that will hold the Grouped Date.


Next we need GroupStyle in the actual DataGrid:
 Place this below the DataGrid Properties and above the DataGrid Columns


Finally you need to load a new GroupDescription with a ListCollectionView
The below method is called on load and the ListCollectionView allows you to have a GroupDescription.Add which sets up your DataGridGroup


In my finally example, I have added an expander that allows me to expand and collapse on the grouped field in the DataGrid. Seems like a pretty simple task but for some reason I had a hard time figuring this one out. 

Posted Code Sample:


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