Thursday, May 2, 2013

Talen Data Integration "failed connection" to MS SqlServer 2008

As many others, I ran across the issue connecting to MS SqlServer2008 with Talend 5.03.R86507. I have outlined the key steps in getting the issue resolved below.

  • Make sure you have a Sql Auth Account
  • Make sure the Sql Server configured for Sql Auth (Mixed Auth)
    • Right click on the instance level in SSMS
    • Select Properties\Security and update to Sql Server and Windows Auth mode
  • Confirm you can log in with the sql account via SSMS
    • Depending on the domain, etc...
  • Make sure to go to Sql Server Configuration Manager
    • Sql Native Client (version) Configuration
      • select Client Protocols 
      • Make sure TCP/IP and Named  Pipes are "Enabled"
      • This is key, if this is not done, the connection will fail
  • Now open Talend and Creation New DB Connection
    • DB Type: Microsoft Sql Server
    • Login: the sql auth account you just logged in with via SSMS
    • Pass: same
    • Server: is the sql server name and instance if you are not using the default
    • Port: unless you have changed the port then use 1433
    • Database
    • schema
    • hit Check and you should get "server name connection successful"
  • After creating the connection, sometimes you need to close out of Talend and reopen to make sure the connection is usable in the repository. 


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