Friday, February 21, 2014

SSIS 2012 Script Task "Could not load file or assembly"

I ran across a bug with SQL2012 install and SSIS script tasks. I was working on a simple ftp check file exists and for some reason after adding the System.Net.dll reference the task would result in a failure every time. Hit the we and came across a workaround that actually work. Please check out link 

After finding the article, I eventually figured out I could get all the components installed by running some of the installers on the SQL2012 DVD

  • redist/VSTA/designtime/VSTA_DT30.msi 
  • redist/VSTA/runtime/x64/VSTA_RT30.msi
  • redist/VSTA/runtime/x86/VSTA_RT30.msi


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